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From Psalm 85

Covenant and order meet;
Honor and happy kiss.

Order grows on the land;
Honor watches over from the city.

Then the lord extends good;
So our land yields wealth.

Honor walks before Him as His Face;
He sets out a path of His own footprints.

Biblical religion, freedom, and science must be allies if Western Civilization is to survive. We need each other.

We are flawed and other civilizations also have wisdom and good people. Yet in liberty, knowledge, technology, wealth, and generosity the Judeo-Christian West leads the world and leads history. This is no accident. Biblical religion, freedom, and science have grown together into a historical braid, first in Post-Reformation Europe and then in America. Without liberty there is no growth in prosperity or knowledge. Without the Judeo-Christian value system liberty is anarchy and government is tyranny. Without reason the biblical religions from time to time fall into superstition. Each cord must be independently strong, checking and testing each other toward even more strength and mutual support.

Reason above majorities, bibilical values above politics, and freedom before all other issues and loyalties.

Europe has descended into socialism and functional atheism and even in America the braid is being unraveled. Some reject the biblical God because He is not as sophisticated as they are. His publications have not been peer reviewed. Science is viewed, not as hard won knowledge of the physical universe, but as a political power instrument of old white men. Judges and professors think themselves wiser than the Constitution of the United States of America. And, perhaps the most dangerous flaw, too many American churches and synagogues refuse to challenge the tyranny of the federal government in the Name of the biblical God.

Some say that religion opposes science and science disproves religion. Some say religion wants theocracy and will take away our rights and freedom. Some even claim that their nutty political ideologies are scientific and liberty and religion are outdated. Odd claims for an ideology from the 1860's to make!

If the divisions between these three become conventional wisdom it is an easy step to take freedoms away from people, freedoms we have by Divine Right. Science, together with all art and religion and wealth, become wards and then slaves of the State. Only art with a political purpose will be funded. Grant seeking will replace truth seeking in science. Charity will be punished at tax time. No independent organizations or structures will survive. Then who else beside the State is left to rule us? There is no active God, people are children, and the academy, business, the arts, and the sciences are piglets attached to the the sow of Congress. The result, as a world and history of examples shows, will be poverty, invasion, suffering, and oppression.

As for the dried up popular culture and elite snobbery, I do not speak up to get along with it but to attack it. There will be no compromise. Those who put their ideologies or fads or hearts or feelings before Judeo-Christian values, before skeptical science, and before liberty are the new orthodoxy. Self apotheosis is the catholic doctrine of our entertainment, educational, and media culture. These will call me a heretic, a crack pot, and radical while they embrace lies and hug themselves.

Scientists will wonder why I believe anything in the Bible. Christians will wonder why I insist on using reason to understand it. Libertarians will wonder why I bother. But this is the whole point of the Bible Freedom Science website: I want to show how both reason and faith live together. More than live together: support each other and enable each other. Without Christianity freedom will die, is dying, and only in freedom will science thrive.

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