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The Lord's Prayer:
The Covenant of the Real Presence

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Keep in mind, as you study this Prayer, that Yeshua of Nazareth did not pray this Prayer Himself but taught it to His disciples for them, and us, to pray. This Disciples' Prayer is the Covenant between our God and we human beings whom He has adopted as His children. We are pleading and promising each other, as well as our Abba, in every petition and every word.

Recorded for us are occasions when Yeshua prayed to Abba but all are qualitatively different. In Gethsemane, and in the Sacerdotal Prayer of John Seventeen, He speaks to Abba for our hearing, affirming His sonship as God the Son and the Son of Man. He intercedes for us, not for Himself. He is not a part of the Covenant, He IS the Covenant and the Gospel. When He prays to Abba-Father, and makes His Will His own Will we hear Him becoming at once God and man. Trinitarians understand this. Christians who believe in the divinity of Christ understand this. His prayers to Abba are covenant keeping from the other side, the initiating side, the deity affirming the mercy that saves us all.

The implications for a high Christology so close to this founding and heart of our religion is stunning.


 Yes, He asks that another way beside this cup be found to keep this promise of the Original Testament. And then He takes the Will of Abba as His own. Not only does this show Him as both God and man, completely for each, it puts Him smack dab in the middle of our contingent universe.