Bible Freedom ScienceCopyright © 1998, Charles Henry Johnsen, III

The Faithful Heretic

Why do I call myself "The Faithful Heretic"?

There are three senses of the word heresy in the expression The Faithful Heretic.

Scripture Alone

Heresy is one truth crowding out all other truth. The clearest example is the Arian heresy. Monotheism, a true and orthodox doctrine of the church, was so important and central to the Arian faith that the Trinity was denied.

Unlike the Arians, I believe that our crucified Lord, Geshua (Jesus), is God and man. But like a heretic I hold one doctrine primary.

The Bible. That's it. It is not really a doctrine, but a method and a discipline. I believe that (without getting into the weeds of text, transmission, and canon) the Judeo–Christian Bible is the only standard and source of information about the Living God and His history.

That may sound very conservative, even fundamentalist. And so it is. But sometimes this high devotion to this very old Book puts me at odds with popular, conventional beliefs. For example, the Platonic doctrine of an immaterial and immortal soul imprisoned in a material body is an all too common belief in modern Judaism and Christianity. But such a thing is never found in the Bible.

Again, you may think me most orthodox, if unconventional, because, after all, the Nicene Creed confesses a resurrection, not an immortal soul. But you may join in the cry of Heretic! when a cherished belief of your's is challenged on these pages. For example, in my opinion, Genesis One denies creation ex nihilo or creation out of nothing.

Please take this the other way as well. You also read The Book and challenge me! Test the prophets. is His command to us both.

Reason Alone

For the academic and scientific community, perhaps Crackpot would be a better name than heretic. In both science and theology the odd and eccentric test truth.

I do have modest [LOL] essays about the philosophy of science, determinism, human evolution, life, cosmology, language, and brain functioning. I have no credentials in any of these fields nor enough mathematics to be called a scientist. It should be easy to shoot down my proposals. Please try.

But what elevates my ideology from mere crackpot to heresy against the received doctrines of the academic sciences is my belief that the biblical God is alive and active in human history and individual human lives. Now, I do not presume to present proofs of His existence, only reports from millions, including this former atheist, who have experienced His Presence and grace. This is not the God of Aristotle or Plato, a supernatural being that does not exist. As I read the Hebrew and Greek Judeo-Christian Scriptures, there is no such thing as a Supreme Being. The claims made for the biblical God are far more important and consequential to us than any theoretical and distant force of nature. To cement my heresy I want to make it clear that I believe, with some evidence but no proof, that the human being Geshua, son of Miriam and Joseph, crucified and come back from the dead, is the lord who had lunch with Abraham, gave the Covenant to Moshe, and anointed David as king of Judah and Israel.

I still stick to my guns that this faith does not in any way contradict my allegiance to Reason Alone. And, further, I will rebut the large number of scientists who have supernatural beliefs they do not recognize as such. For example, Marxism. All I will insist on is that this God is possible without extraordinary claims. That should put me firmly in the crackpot category.

Liberty Alone

We must insist on reason over politics. That too sounds innocent. Even a congressional representative would agree. But will you agree that all State sponsored research is tainted? That is what I think. When a scientist or professor or any sort of teacher or researcher takes money from the government, with the sole exception of national defense, it is theft and a moral evil. I include in this theft, which also produces very poor results for most students, all government funded loans, subsidies, grants, vouchers, regulations, tests, and public schools. And tenure.

What happened to our exploration of the moon? What happened to NASA? Where is the Super Collider that was supposed to follow Fermi Lab? Can anybody make sense of the Congress's nuclear power plant and waste law? When did environmental religions trump all reason and logic? The history of State funded science and education shows a high regard for political realities and a low regard for real realities.

Science is free inquiry coupled with free speech and enterprise. It is not consensus. Consensus, like majority rule, is a tool of political manipulation, not a tool for finding and testing the truth. Just because a few hundred professors, who only talk to each other, agree on some issue, does not mean they are right. Talk about church orthodoxy! No house of bishops has ever been so narrow minded as a faculty committee, all of whom are trying to get the same federal grant, which will go to that project least likely to challenge the consensus. Understand that elected and appointed officials have no affection for truth or progress or knowledge. No government, ever, wants anything but stability. Even if it is growth, the powers that be cannot stand growth in spurts. It must be the same boring percentage increase every month.

Reason cannot survive if it is funded by the State. Is that heresy enough for you?

And then remember the First Amendment, protecting the churches from the government. Not so much any more. The political class has turned this upside down to protect the State from criticism and oversight by the church! Yes, oversight. Who else is there to call these people to account? Not with the force of law, not with the threat of jail or violence, but with the power of free speech and open debate. The moral swamp of Congress is an offense to reason and to God. Yet these clowns persist in believing they can steal money from one citizen, give it to another, and brag about their moral superiority. Risible. Demonic. Both parties. Therefore I call on all churches and religious leaders to ignore federal regulations that hamper in any way their rights and duties to judge the ethics and wisdom of government officials. To claim that government provided housing, food, or medicine fulfills the commands of God to practice charity is slander, evil slander. Charity is first of all gratitude for His grace to us and by definition voluntary. Taxation is not voluntary, even with a majority vote.

Liberty Alone means gracefully ending Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the FDA, public schools, and every federal and state program that gives money or goods to people who have not earned them. Actually, we will not be given a choice. Market and demographic realities, and the Will of God, take your pick, will collapse the whole silly house of cards. Trying to fool the natural ecology of free markets or break the Covenant with the biblical God, again, take your pick, will end in ruin.

The Faith and Heresy of Others

With traditional believers, freedom lovers, and scientists I am gentle, sympathetic, and allied. I am even polite to atheists. But to conspiracy theory atheists I am rude. To Statists, socialists, and Fascists I am a declared enemy. Deconstructionists are mocked. The aristocracy of universities will be attacked. Conventional wisdom will be ignored. This discipline puts me in open warfare with modernism, superstition, syncretism, secularism, neo-pagans, and the whole geriatric, stale culture of the elites. I take evidence of a consensus or the testimony of an academic less seriously than a coin toss, which is at least right half of the time. The same for elections. The same for church conventions.

I am the faithful heretic, not you. I have no quarrel with traditional Christians but you may have a quarrel with me. I expect and accept your criticism and opposition. But please take what I say seriously. Test it against the actual text of Scripture and test it by the Voice of the Good Shepherd you know by faith. Test my political ideas against the Constitution of the United States of America. Test my science against physical evidence and argument in free and open debate.

I Need Your Help as my Editor and my Critic.

I have exposed my own short coming: humility is not among my native gifts. Please assist me in self discipline by reacting to what I write and giving me a bawling out when I stray into the conceit that I see stuff you do not see. If I am wrong, pray for me, correct me, or blog against me. He has convinced me of some bits of truth and I will stick to His calling and His Word. But that does not give me the right to show off, badger people, or manipulate you. Please call me on it, let me know when I drift from proclamation into self indulgence. Like now.