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Even Google cannot do this. Sure, we can search the web for a book title or author's name. And we may also find a review and some discussion. But this is different. Here is a collection of materials all linked together—short essays, long essays, a glossary, a bibliography with comments and reviews of books and authors—in a unique style and point of view: mine. It is not that I think I am so smart, even though I am (LOL). I do this because the web offers a wealth, overwhelming wealth, of information and opinion about everything I write about but does not sort it or collect it according to any style of thought or point of view. Don't like what I have here? Good. Maybe it will motivate you to do something similar for your unique way of thought.

380,000 hits on the name Luther is a neat trick and sometimes a way to hunt for obscure information. But it is also deceiving. There is no filter for idiots and communists (to be redundant), no sort that excludes conventional wisdom, and no rejection of sites that just copy one another. Even then, our list is still 80,000 entries. And just try something like this: What does Luther's view of the Immortal Soul heresy have to do with the thief on the cross and Abbot Occam? I know some web search outfits are trying to do this sort of thing but they are barely up to ingredients in recipes. Here, in this Bible Freedom Science bibliography and glossary, you will find a view that draws together the oddest parts of the universe and human thought, including this very important and real connection between biblical theology and one of the basic principles of scientific judgment. Of course it is one view! That is point! We are not ants or bees.

My purpose is simple: I want you to get so mad or thrilled that you do the same for your mental world. Only when we assemble our internal selves into a whole are we able to take things apart for further analysis and discussion. Google cannot do this. Only you and I.

There remains an irony. At the bottom of most every page on this website is a Google (Thank you.) search function. It does not search the whole web. Go to http://google.com for that. But it does search Bible Freedom Science Network. It can even handle Greek and Hebrew characters in ampersand pound-sign hex format. Or just swipe the word in those alphabets and paste it into the search. Even the author of this site, me, uses this to remind himself of where he wrote about a topic or name. So use it yourself to find even more dark crannies. Is it not strange that sometimes enlightenment is found in the dark crannies of a book?