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A List of the Me Inanna Stole from Enki
Or, in her version, that he gave her.

The First Trade Unions

All of what follows is from Myths of Enki, the Crafty God by Samuel Noah Kramer and John Maier. See this title in the bibliography for more.

The clay tablets are damaged but the me that we can read are: enship (highest priestship), lagalship (high priestship), godship (bestowing divinity on a king?), the noble and enduring crown, the throne, scepter, staff and nose rope, noble dais, shepherdship, and kingship.

Then a few priest and priestess jobs: eqiziship, nindingirship, ishibship, lumachship, and guduship.

Next come a list of me for the cult of Inanna in Erech: truth, descent to and ascent from the nether world, the kurgarra, dagger and sword, sagursag, the black garment, the colorful garment, loosening and binding nape hair, the standard, the quiver, the working of the penis, the kissing of the penis, the art of prostitution, the art of speeding[?]; the arts of forthright, slanderous, and ornamental speech; cult–prostitute, the holy tavern, the holy priestess shrine, the lover of An, resounding musical instrument, the art of song, and eldership.

Next come more general skills and tricks, not all of them admirable: heroship, the arts of being mighty, dissimulation, and being straightforward; plundering of cities, setting up of lamentations, rejoicing of the heart, deceit, rebellion, the art of being kind, travel, secure dwellings.

Now some crafts: carpenter, copper–worker, scribe, smith, leather–worker, fuller, builder, reed–worker.

The me go on: the perceptive ear, attention, holy purification rites, feeding–pen, heaping up of hot coals, the sheepfold, fear, consternation, dismay, bitter–toothed, kindling of fire, putting out a fire, weary arm, the assembled family, procreation, the kindling of strife, triumph, counseling, heart-soothing, judgment–giving, and decision making.

I have two reactions to this list. First, this does not including even a fraction of the me required to run a civilization. Think of knapping, digging wells, making nets, writing, fishing. Endless. The second observation is this: the list is elitist. This is all big shot stuff, not the nodes in the network of skills and activities necessary to a working society. The people who created this list of 94 did not work for a living and, like elites everywhere, think that a society cannot exist without their trivial little games. Imagine a society of all lawyers and no farmers. Congress. There is actually(!) a list of business types for tax identification number registrations. It is pitifully narrow. I maintain that such a list can never be complete.
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