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There are three ways to access definitions. One, click here or on the link just to the right labeled Browse Glossary. There you will find a somewhat traditional alphabetic listing of terms and phrases with their definitions in a single file. Two, use this table of contents to find an essay on the topic you wish to read about. These are all separate files. Three, click on the link in the lower right hand corner labeled Link Pile to see an alphabetic, comma separated listing of every word or phrase I have defined. Those links maybe to a separate file in the glossary directory or any other directory on this site, a paragraph in an essay, or to an entry in the traditional glossary. All in a pile, so to speak. To read about a topic, click on it.

Method one, the traditional listing, is for shorter definitions and invites browsing. Method two, separate web pages, is for larger topics and the occasional rant. Links from other parts of Bible Freedom Science will come to one of these two glossary methods. Method three is just a stream of links to definitions and defining essays and may go to either of the first two methods or to an isolated page elsewhere on this site. If you are looking for my take on any subject the link pile is the place to start. It is like a search engine but better because your eye may be caught by a related, but not obvious, alternative topic. And even a search function is at the bottom of the page, by Google, for everything on this site.

Obviously all three glossary indices are works in progress, especially the traditional one. Many of the entries there need to be broken out into separate files, leaving only a short definition. I am working as fast as I can.

One more thing.

If you do not find an entry or page on a topic you are interested in or that I have made confusing, write me and ask for a definition or discussion. Take a moment and drop me a note at: The Faithful Heretic. Better yet, YOU write a definition or rant on the topic, or contradict one I have here, and send that to me. Be sure you read about my editorial policy first. Let me know if you want credit for your contribution.