Bible Freedom Science Network Cover Page Footnotes

 Psalm 85:11-12, my translation. Note the chiasmata. All three are here: Covenant and Gospel, truth and reason, yield and property. Or, loyalty between the biblical God and His people leads to truth and knowledge, and profit and wellbeing will follow.

 Colonialism, Fascism, and socialism (a triple redundancy) are not the only flaws but they are the big ones. Please note that all three are left overs, like the divine right of kings, from paganism. Biblical history is the movement away from totalitarian philosophies to freedom and responsibility (also a redundancy).

 We have from our beginnings taken aboard foreign peoples, ideas, arts, and music. But this growth by absorbing is only possible for a culture with a strong and majority core. We do not diversify, we incorporate.

 As a traditional Christian or Jew would say. Evolutionists, who may also be Christians but are often atheists, would call these natural rights, bred into our genes as social primates by natural selection. This is an example of an alliance, a common cause engaged together from different perspectives. If either the church or science lose this fight, the other will fall as well.

Scientists must see that if a board of education and a court have the power to stop the teaching of creationism, they also have the power to force such teaching. The death of science, through majority rule, is only one Supreme Court generation away. The only rational, permanent solution is, of course, to abolish all government funding of all education, the service academies excepted.