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If you like PBS, think of this as the annual pledge drive. If you like church, think of this as the collection plate. If you don't like either link back out of this page and enjoy Bible Freedom Science Network. You are welcome to whatever I offer without charge and without guilt. Everything on this site is free for personal use and access is open to all. See my copyright notice for details on a few restrictions.

How Bible Freedom Science Network Can Help You

We offer an alternative to atheism, statism, and childish superstition: the biblical God living in the ordinary world of quarks and stars, providing freedom and responsibility to all people. I write about the philosophies of religion, science, and politics. Much is not new, most is even traditional, but I have found a few new ways of looking at things that may help you also gain new insights.

The Reason Why This Web Site Exists

There are three threads of civilization that make us what we are: Christianity, freedom, and skeptical inquiry. This is not conventional wisdom. One friend called Bible Freedom Science a triple oxymoron. If you, like me, understand that science cannot survive without freedom and freedom cannot survive without the biblical value system, then join me in facing down the pagan, statist, anti intellectuals that dominate our media, our schools, our churches, and our politics.

This does not mean a physicist needs to go to mass every day, nor that devout Christians must go all libertarian on the drug war. And purity of Christian doctrine is not necessary. Many, many people who have nothing to do with religion of any kind still have personalities and values formed by a society based on the Judeo-Christian world view. It does mean that science, Judeo-Christian values, and liberty are allies in the fight for the survival of our civilization. I invite you to join this battle. This flank of the battle field, the need for all three pillars of our civilization, is a weak point in our defense because we too often fight each other rather than see our common cause. Science, freedom, and Christianity have risen together but will fall together if our enemy divides us. That enemy sounds pious, gives scientists great sums of money, and invents new rights every day. It is the State, the guys with the guns, the gangs of lawyers without clients. Is government necessary? Yes. So is rat poison. It must be used. Carefully. And the only controls that we ultimately have on government power are the reason and moral principles we hold in common prior to and above government authority.

How You Can Help Us

The first and most important help to us is your reaction. Please share your response, criticism, or developments of these ideas with all of us. Send a message or essay to If you permit me in your email, I will publish your contributions and rants here. Another important contribution you can make is a link to Bible Freedom Science from your web site. Let me know about any links so I can consider linking to you as well.

If you donate funds here they will be used to support essays, poetry, and blogs that braid biblical faith, American liberty, and free inquiry together into a strong cord [Eccl. 4:9-12]. Alas, you will not be able to take a tax deduction for anything you contribute until I can accummulate enough money to incorporate or form a limited partnership and file with the IRS as a tax deductable educational organization.. If you would like to help with this specific need, please email me at Until then, I am Charles Johnsen and Bible Freedom Science Network is my personal DBA. I may say whatever I wish and so may you by email or forum on this site. But I cannot offer you tax deductability. Yet.

Where will the money go?

There is no money yet, nothing. But when the bulk of the site is on the host I will begin a marketing campaign on social media. I am sure this will begin contributions to Bible Freedom Science.

First, everything will go to pay for hosting fees for and and any taxes or fees I may personally owe from my web activities. This is less than a thousand dollars a year. There is also the expense of the necessary computer equipment, etc. Next, anything more will be accummulated in a fund for legal incorporation and applications and filings with the IRS for tax exempt status. Only when these expenses have been paid will I personaly be paid for the work I do here. My goal is to allow me to go to part time at The Home Depot. That will take about $30,000. Anything above that will be devoted to long term goals. It is a dream of mine to set up a foundation to support home schooling and other alternatives to public schools. Scholarships, books, field trip support, visiting specialists in science, math, religion, and economics—there is great need and the potential for long term good.

I'm not some kid or amateur, but a fully trained professional clergyman and businessman with decades of experience (successes and failures) and honorable dealings behind me. Here is a brief biography about me. When I am able to work here full time there will be an essay every other day plus a sermon every week and perhaps a book or two in the long run. Before that level is reached, we will have contracts between us all to prevent fraud or misunderstanding. Until then I will send a full and detailed accounting by email to the contributors on request. Bible Freedom Science Network is and will be my personal DBA. I have registered a tax id number with the IRS and have registered with the State of Colorado as a charity soliciting contributions over the Internet (The name is Bible Freedom Science Network). At any time you can see the financial in and out at the Colorado charity web site.