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Copyright Terms

for Works of Charles Henry Johnsen, III

My name is Charles Henry Johnsen, III. You may contact me at any of the email addresses on this page, this site or at

To control how my work is distributed and used, I claim the copyright to everything I write and publish with a copyright notice, symbol ©, and date. So that my ideas are freely available and open to all for private reading, I do not charge for electronic distribution for private use. Since I do not charge for the personal and private use of my copyrighted materials when distributed electronically, please donate to the Bible Freedom Science Network. You are licensed, with the exceptions specified in this document, to everything on this site free of charge for private use as long as you maintain and honor my copyright as prescribed here. This copyright and license applies to you no matter how you received this material, from the primary source or any secondary or further source. You have permission to read, copy, link to, store, and pass on to others anything you see here. You may also print copies for your personal use as long as each document is complete and includes the copyright notices on the print versions of each document. You do not have permission to charge others for copies in any form of what I copyright. You may charge for postage, media, and the like when freely transferring my writing to others. But in all cases the copyright notice and its link, in electronic or printed form, to this page on my site must remain with the material. A broken link does not give you or any secondary or further source permission to ignore my copyright which will still be enforced by traditional means.

There are charges for expenses and handling for paper copies in book or pamphlet form. There are also charges, fees, expenses, and honoraria for personal appearances such as sermons, lectures, debates, or classes. Do not use any of my hymns, poems, liturgical wording, sermons, or any other copyrighted material of mine for any public use (for example, in a wedding) without my written permission. I do reserve that right so that I am able to track and control how my works are used in public. Send a request by email to and I will send you permission by email or an actual piece of paper with a written permission and my signature by snail mail. I do not charge for public use of my writing with permission but I do ask for a donation to the Bible Freedom Science Network.

Some of the materials on this site are copyrighted by others. If so, this is clearly stated with the material. It is your responsibility to honor their copyrights without regard to any license I may or may not have from them.

I encourage you to take my ideas and write about them in your own words. But you may not present my words as your own, nor may you modify my words and present them as your own. Modification of a web document includes the usual changes of wording that apply to copyrighted material in any medium but also includes changing, adding, or removing HTML links, whether internal or external, except link locations and names may be changed as necessary for local conditions. If you print any of my copyrighted material to give to someone else or to store permanently or for any reason (for example, to read privately away from the computer screen), you must also print the copyright notice with each page. The cascading style sheets associated with my copyrighted material are not copyrighted and you may use them as you wish.

You may modify what I have copyrighted and republish it but in that case you must copyright it yourself as well, also retaining this copyright notice, with a notice that you have modified it from original material by me. You may charge for material that you create based on my ideas but you may not charge for modified original material. This duty follows any subsequent modifications made by others after you. At some point the modifications may be so extensive that little or nothing of my writing remains. In that case I may remove my copyright notice from the new material but this is solely at my discretion, so contact me for my decision before you republish deeply modified material accompanied by my copyright notice.

Creating music for my poetry is a special case. I welcome these efforts but you must contact me so we can work together on a song copyright. I do not require, but welcome, any income from such a copyrighted song. My only concerns are that my copyright to the words is maintained and that you are protected for your music.