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My Political Life

I have no quarrel with loyal Americans. You will have a quarrel with me but I will not fight back. I respect you and our nation. Without the two hundred years of our Constitution and thousands of libertarians that we have produced, nothing of this new way would be possible.

Think of me as your radical son, gone to a far future to make his own way. You are my fathers and mothers, or step-parents, and I know I can count on your love for me, because you first loved the seed and the womb that produced me: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Bill of Rights. Like a loving father you may often wish to take up a switch and engage in a little external discipline. Trust me, administered by conservatives for sixty years, many of those blows have landed.

Some few occasions of that strict discipline of political philosophy were counter productive, unless you like the anger in me that was aroused to seek a different way. Yes, that took me to Dr. King and to the Libertarian Party. Most of the time I took the yoke of responsibility and wisdom and either accepted the discipline or remained silent because I was not sure. At least this: I always reject and ridicule conventional wisdom. This is good. For, over these sixty years, I have grown a backbone strong under the lash of conservative teaching and insults from people who believe TV and newspapers.

Whatever is wrong or mistaken here, blame on me. The radical distrust of government is not from Marxism, but is a firm part of our American Heritage. My fear and trembling when I contradict the Founding Documents are witnesses to your efforts to prevent me. I am not your antithesis nor a new synthesis, nor did you alienate me, nor am I the way I am in reaction to you. I owe everything I am to the most conservative parts of America, my parents, and my dear wife. I love you and all your works and all your ways. Well, almost all.

If there is conviction in my voice, you put it there. If truth rings through what I say, you saw to it that I was satisfied with nothing but truth. If there is some logic and wisdom in what you read here, congratulate yourselves for the good job you did on my training. If you hear respect and love for the way of freedom, remember that it was your loyalty to principle that produced this love and respect.

This is all your fault.