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Which Bible is Yours?

There are three books on the table in front of you. The titles are Mystic Revelations, Fairy Tales and National Songs, and A Collection of Jewish Writers.

When you open the books you discover they are identical, three different publishers have three different covers on the same book, the Bible. Then, turning more pages, you discover notes in the margins. In the first there are explanations of the allegories and myths that point to eternal truth and elite philosophy, a miraculous revelation from the highest heavens to mortal earth, perfect and inerrant although very obscure. The second volume is very cynical, finding contradictions, conspiracies, and propaganda in every verse. The collection of Jewish writers has no shimmering illustrations like the first, no extensive footnotes like the second, but only a cheap, worn cloth cover. There are many notes but few from the publisher. Instead, some reader has underlined favorite quotes and recorded personal experiences given meaning by a song or story.

Which book is yours?

Which book is His?