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The Frames of Knowledge and Reality
Virtual Atomics

Table of the Twelve Frames

The Twelve Frames
OneFibersstrings, gravity, forces, and fields
TwoThreadsquantum mechanical wave/particles
ThreeYarnselements, neutral atoms
FiveClothscondensed matter
NineCharactersindividual persons
TenStoriesincorporations and cultures
ElevenThe WeaverThe God of the Bible

There are thousands of shards of networks within these twelve major frames and the twelve can be divided into two realms: living and non living. The intent is that the language track reality and order it for the human mind. This is a proposed scheme only and begs questions and further analysis.

Network Mediation or Virtual Atomics

The frames are each mediated by lower numbered frames. At the boundaries between them, one frame is a network of deterministic cause and effect events and virtual atoms that support the deterministic cause and effect events and virtual atoms of the next frame. For example, an atom of oxygen is actually a stable association of electrons, protons, and neutrons and not an indivisible particle at all. Yet in an ordinary chemical reaction 8 electrons, 8 protons, and 8 neutrons behave as if there were atomic oxygen. They are virtually atomic, a virtual atom. So with every frame between the scales of the universe. The atoms each frame is made of are networks or associations of smaller particles in the supporting frame.

Notice, please, that in other schemes the Deity is the lowest, simplest, most ubiquitous object. Here He is the highest, most complex, most alive, and utterly unique.