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Yes, this is a bit much. I do not shame easily. Nor is anyone able to shut me up. So no topic, except mass media entertainment or sports, is off limits.

That attitude should not prevent you from criticism and correction. Please read, critically. Please comment. I do not enjoy being wrong but I do enjoy making corrections and improvements. A web site, unlike a book, is great for this continuous revision.

Some of these are written for fun, some are rants, some are ideas and systems that I have thought about and sweated over for decades. The ideas are odd and may surprise you. But my goal is a better understanding of ourselves, our God, and our universe. Have I missed the mark? I believe I am largely correct and that what I have written here will help you understand the human situation better. If not, if I am off the mark, write me a note. I am a cheerful editor of my own ideas and writing. And I desperately need your critical comments. I will give you credit if you wish. Just let me know in your email which you can link to below (

The division into four categories is pretty arbitrary. And other categories and essays will surely follow. Many are already written and only need a final edit and formating to be published. I have been writing on these subjects for 50 years. Give me time away from The Home Depot and I will populate this index quickly.