Bible Freedom Science: Marriage is HumanCopyright © 2012, Charles Johnsen

Commandments and Genes

Marriage is Natural and Good

Is this true? Only the American people should decide the fate of marriage.

Nonsense. Majority votes have no authority to change human nature. Both biblical faith and evolutionary biology hold that mating for life between one man and one woman is built into us, into our genes. This was not planned or decided or taught any more than having two arms or ten toes was decided or planned or taught. Over all of history and all societies the exceptions to this observation are marginal in scope and success and always due to extreme situations. The scholars who nearly one hundred years ago claimed otherwise, that culture and custom dictated one man and one woman marriage, were debunked long ago. I am not asking for belief. I am asking for objective observation.

No vote or law or teaching or conditioning can change us for very long. Sooner or later the universal human characteristic of two person, two sex marriage for life will break out. It is natural, it is universal, it is rational for our species. Marriage is our wild state. If folks don't like it and want some other pattern they will have to create their own species. Human society does not have the power or ability to change our nature, our genes, our reproductive patterns, or the Law of God.

There is a wide variety of styles and customs within the universal pattern. Age of marriage, rules for divorce and remarriage, the rights of women, who takes the family name, living with which set of parents, marrying a stranger or a neighbor, and hair length are all examples. Yet across all of this chaos of cultural invention there are still clear constants: two person, two sex mating for life and differences of personality and strengths between the mother and the father.

Exceptions prove (test) the rule. Of course there is adultery, polygamy, homosexuality, a twelve year old bride, and celibacy. But those of us who do these things, even if they are necessary in odd circumstances, know such acts are wrong and unnatural. It takes a relentless American university indoctrination to overcome our natural state and train us to become blank slates that can decide our own moral code. Breaking the natural human moral code and the commandment is bad enough. But truly evil are those who believe they have the right and power to decide what is evil and what is good. Reason cannot trump reality or the biblical moral code. We can vote to change the gravitational constant but rocks will still fall at the same rate. We can vote to make abortion, homosexual marriage, or pedophilia legal but we cannot make these things wise, practical, or good. Nor are we able to erase the genetic heritage that leads us naturally to reproduction inside a life long union of one man and one woman.

Muliculturalism is a belief system that denies human nature and reason. On the one hand we are asked to believe that there is no natural or God gifted morality and on the other few political groups in history have been so sure of themselves and so quick to condemn disagreement with their doctrines. It is one thing to enjoy Hindu cooking or Chinese art. It is entirely different to carelessly throw away thousands of years of cultural and hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary inheritance.

Understood as a battle between natural law and artificial law, this is the greatest environmental issue of our time.

Some believe that if homosexuality, the rare exclusive form, is genetic then it is natural and created by God. But then any defect of brain or limb would be accepted as inevitable. Should we not cure or control Type One Diabetes? Should a child born without an arm be left helpless with no prosthesis? Deaf? Blind? Are these troubles what God wants? No. They are opportunities for love, science, and prayer (while atheists may wish to drop the prayer, Christians will do all three) to return normal function to our minds and bodies.

Please observe that it is deep love for each and every child with challenges that motivates the research, the care, the expense, and the cure. Just as much as we long to have every person see, so we hope that all people may have an opportunity to live in the most human of relationships: heterosexual marriage.