Bible Freedom ScienceCopyright © 1974 and 1994, Charles Henry Johnsen, III

Our Lord in Mercy
Ordains Us to Live

For Julie Esparza at her marriage, 1994, December 23; After "For Rick and Karin," by the same author, 1974; Tune Sine Nomine ("For All the Saints" #174 in Lutheran Book of Worship.)

Our Lord in mercy ordains us to live
Husband and wife, love and joy to give
That by His grace each other we forgive. Alleluia!

We've not the strength this unity to make
Within His love our love is brought awake
May we like Him make vows we never break. Alleluia!

He loves His church as if she were His bride.
He gives Himself, is always at her side.
Brave for her sake, He suffered and He died. Alleluia!

He makes us one, He guarantees our vow
He made our flesh and still preserves it now
May He by love with children us endow. Alleluia!

(rise for the doxology)

He gave us marriage! Praise the Father's name!
And praise the Son who like us man became!
The Holy Spirit does this love proclaim! Alleluia!