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Please read this README for sermons first. These are not speeches or essays, but homilies meant for use in Eucharistic Liturgy. If that puzzles you, the README offers a little orientation.

Whatever moves you here, credit to others, first my teachers and always the Spirit of my lord Jesus. It is dangerous and foolish to claim inspiration and I will not do so, except for this: He works in me through the Means of Grace and the gifts in my charge. I believe you will find a few turns of phrase and surprising connections among those gifts. But nothing great here, only a very human attempt to proclaim Law and Gospel.

In the anceint habit of the Church, the sermon or homily is specific to the propers, usuually the Gospel lesson, appointed for that day. Therefore those who hear these exhortations have just heard or even sung the lesson or psalm the preacher used in preparation. I remember in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod the rule was to name and cite a few verses specific to the sermon. The text for the sermon on this twenty-second Sunday after Trinity is the Gospel of St. Mark, chapter ten, verses 46 to 52.I suggest that you also read the lessons and psalms in the headings of each page or you will miss many of the references in the sermon. If you find yourself puzzeled at a word or phrase on these pages it may be due to the clumsiness of the author. Or it may be due the the reader's unfamiliarity with the text for the sermon.

This is only a fraction of the sermons I have preached since the 1960's. I may upload some of the paleosermons later. You have been warned. St. Philip is St. Philip in the Field Episcopal Church, in Sedalia, Colorado. Emmaus is Emmaus Anglican Church in Castle Rock, Colorado. Our church web site is Emmaus Anglican Church. From there you can link to, a sister site devoted to spiritual gifts, including sermons by Father Theron Walker. What I may also do, if time allows, is write the sermons for every Sunday's lessons, even when I am not preaching at a mass. Perhaps I can even put them up on the web in audio or video. Until the audio and video standards are set and clear for HTML5, that will have to wait.

These pages are not formated like my other web pages because they are ready to be printed for preaching. Therefore they do not have the usual links and notices on each page. So if you have a comment on any of them, see the bottom of this index page for an email linking anchor. Also, there is a link to information about my copyright notice. I have assigned any copyright, if possible, to the church where the sermon was preached. Check with them if you wish to use more than a few sentences.